Megadella V 1.4 CL3 / CL2 SLX (x 200)

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Megadella V 1.4 CL3 SLX (x 200)


V1.4 CL3 SLX for 200 original.

Megadella suitable for the original 200 without any processing, it improves on all the highs and lows compared to the standard one.

Improve acceleration, final laps and torque.

Increasing the jet of the max to around 120-125 depends on motor engine.

Use air filter with the two holes above the air brakes.

Put ignition advance on 19 degrees.

V1.4 CL2A SLX for 210 – 215 cc

6 Cones muffler with excellent torque and rpm ratio for p & p engines.





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