Megadella SLX 8 cones (x 200)

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Megadella SLX 8 cones (x 200)


Excellent muffler to pull well even at low revs, there is no sub-pair, the engine is always ready to pull long primaries.

Excellent ratio between revolutions and torque at low revolutions from 7500 to 8700 and above depends on the type of cylinder used, can be used with any type of cylinder 210 – 215 – 225 or more.

Being an 8 cones can be mounted safely on all the frames px or lml, on old frames the cone gets to slam on the easel, so you need to modify the stand or remove it.

For original 200 engine: Mod. 180904018 For 210 or 215 p & p engine with no engine work: Mod. 180904518

For engine prepared from 210 or 250 cc. : Mod. 180954518 – 0 – 180954519 (the latter has only the largest drain pipe with respect to the first one)




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