Megadella SLX 8 cones (x 200)

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Megadella SLX 8 cones (x 200)


New 2020 Megadella SLX 8 Cones

The SLX 8 Coni version is enriched with new models with more torque and lows, always maintaining the same high speeds. The models with more torque have a progressive delivery and can pull longer primaries. Models with less torque have more acceleration in the first gears.

Excellent muffler for pulling well even at low revs, there is no undertorque, engine always ready and able to pull long primaries.

Excellent ratio between rpm delivered and torque at low rpm delivered from 7500 to 8700 and above depending on the type of cylinder used, it can be used with any type of cylinder 210 – 215 – 225 or above.

Being an 8 cone it can be easily mounted on all px or lml frames, on old frames the cone hits the stand, therefore it is necessary to modify the stand or remove it.

Now the SLX 8 cone models are available in 4 versions.

For original 200 engine with maximum low torque:  Mod. 180704018

For 210 or 215 p&p engine without any work on the engine: Mod. 180804218

For 210 or 250 cc prepared engines. : Mod. 180904219   – 0 –   180954219

New 2021 Megadella SLX 8 Cones Rapid Short series

Now also available 8 Rapid series short cones (versions 0-1-2-3-4)

They also fit on old chassis, such as rally, fast sprint, etc.

They do not interfere with the standard central stand.

Interior photo of the muffler.

For more detailed information, speak to the manufacturer.


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