Megadella L Compact 8 cones (x 177 cc and beyond)

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Megadella L Compact 8 cones (x 177 cc and beyond)


Megadella L 4 compact 8 cones for motors 177 or more.

Megadella L 4.5 compact 8 cones for 177 or more engines (for large carburettors or lamellar admission).

(The Megadella L 4.5 compact with respect to version 4 has the internal cone more distant internally, more open bulkhead, larger drain pipe)

Muffler with larger cones than the previous ones, is unique in that it was created after many tests without compromis.

The compact versions have been raised in the central part to allow those who drive the vespa to face the curves safely, in the fold does not touch, has an arched central shell that covers the final cone of 1.8 mm thickness, also has double 2 mm closure cap in the rear end, welded on top of each other to avoid unwanted resonance or excessive noise.

The anchorage brackets to the crankcase have been raised by 1 cm to allow the possibility to raise the rear shock absorber and make work as big carburettors as straight as possible.

It is not a muffler with extreme revolutions but with power-driven engines you can easily reach 10,000 rpm, it is a muffler that holds well even the low torque is a long cone has a great response in acceleration, after 4 thousand the engine explodes in all its power, has a fantastic noise halfway between an expansion and a standard muffler.

Being a muffler with a long cone mounts without any modification on all the px or lml frames, on the old frames it interferes with the easel because it is more backward compared to the current models.



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