Megadella L Compact 8 Cones (x 200)

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Megadella L Compact 8 Cones (x 200)


Megadella L4 Compact same laps of the V5 CL2 Compact, but more horsepower and more horsepower available.

It has a great accelerating response, from 4 thousand upwards it pushes in a very decisive and powerful way.

The vespa becomes very fun to drive, suitable for the Malossi, Quattrini, Polini, and Pinasco power factor cylinders.

Being a long cone muffler it can be mounted on px or lml frames, on old frames the muffler slams on the stand, it should be removed or moved forward.

The compact versions have larger cones and instead of raising the whole shell of the muffler it was decided to raise only the central part.

It has the advantage of being more compact and not to touch the ground in the most demanding corners, those who have tried some brands that are on the market will know what I’m talking about.

The shell that covers the last cone inside the muffler is made of very thick sheet of 1.8 mm and the final cap is double, they are two 1.8 mm plugs welded on top of each other, this is to attenuate a lot the noise.

Megadella L4.5 compact: Suitable for large carburettors or lamellar admission, compared to version 4 it is a little more open as the inner cone is more distant, the bulkhead is more open, the exhaust pipe is larger. Aesthetically outside it is the same.





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