Megadella uses the best commercial mufflers of the original shape and modifies them internally and externally making sure to remain as faithful as possible of how it was originally.

The mufflers are stripped open and modified, even with the addition of expansion cones. Some models such as the COMPACT or the SLX series are reinforced internally in the bulkhead area, in the cone attachment area and in the perforated sheet metal that keeps soundproofing underneath the rock wool.

The fixing brackets are reinforced outside. There are various models to have the best compromise between torque at low and max revs of the engine so doing does not mortify the engine at low revs and always maintains a good torque.

A muffler with big cones or very open internally would not improve an original or poorly engineed engine, it would make it worse.

In fact, the reason for choosing to make different models is to adapt it as best as possible to the type of engine or type of personal driving style of the customer.

Many sometimes it happens to buy used mufflers without knowing if the model would be suitable for that type of engine, in fact for this Megadella was always available to talk and to give advice on the model to choose from.

The site will list the main models available, there is the possibility if we are contacted to create a muffler slightly different than those listed, perhaps even further encouraging low revs or high revs.